Aluminum Fence Installation

The Wright Fence Company

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When we decided to open up our own business, we made sure to cross every 'T' and dot every 'I'. We were ready to open our doors until my partner noticed an easily forgettable, but monumental problem... We had no fence. This was an emergency beyond emergency because we were slated to open our doors in a week. There was no way we could properly and safely run our business without it being fenced in. So my partner started a mad search for quick, reliable and a pro at aluminum fence installation. He lucked up with this surprising little gem appropriately named The Wright Fence Company because they were right for us.

Our first phone call went phenomenal; they were so attentive and listened to exactly what we needed. What they delivered was far beyond what we had imagined. The Wright Fence Company technicians completed our aluminum fence installation in less than week. They were clean courteous and professional. We were a bit worried about how our customers would feel about the fence, but they erected a aluminum masterpiece. The details were small, but they stood out in a big way. They had a number of options to chose from which allowed us to pick out a fence that reflected who we were and what our business was about.

We couldn't be more happy with our choice to go with The Wright Fence Company to do our aluminum fence installation. We have received so many compliments on our fence and we do not hesitate to tell everyone what a pleasurable experience we had. The Wright Fence Company may not be a big name... yet, but they leave a big impression on their customers.