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Often when we buy a house we touch on our earliest memories of what a home should be like. As a child we generally remember the home we grew up in, or perhaps a friend’s house that seemed so much better than our own. From the houses that we notice when we are children the first thing we see is the fence in the yard and not the actual house. Many of these picket fences allowed us to see into the yard yet still served as a barrier to keep us out, so we learned early on that we were not allowed in that yard without permission.

As adults buying our own homes we want to keep them secure yet we might not want to cover the entire home with a wall. These picket fences allow you to see in from the street yet also allow you to see out from your home. Picket fences are not only a classic design that has been around for generations but are great to keep in larger pets while keeping a play area for the children as well.

When you want to have picket fences built upon your property it only takes a few minutes to call The Wright Company so they can take care of it for you. They not only know how to handle the job, but they will build you the best fence you have ever seen at a price you can definitely afford.