Wrought Iron Fence Installation

The Wright Fence Company

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When we decided to go with more of a retro look in our yard, we turned to Wright Fence Company for our wrought iron fence installation. We had purchased an older home, but the existing chain link fence made the yard look dingy. When we had a The Wright Fence Company consultant come out and visit our home, he suggested that a wrought iron fence installation would give the yard a look that matched the home without blowing our budget in the process.

The time that the consultant took when he came out to our house is what really sold us on using The Wright Fence Companies wrought iron fence installation. The references that he provided us all told us that the company would complete the work on time and under budget, and that the quality would be outstanding.

When The Wright Fence Company went to work on our wrought iron fence installation, they exceeded all of our expectations from the first day. They took our old fence down and away, for a nominal disposal fee, and then they began working on the new enclosure. By the time they were through, we had a wrought iron fence that matched the look of our house. Even better, the ramrod-straight poles have remained stable in the months since the work was done. We have even had neighbors stop and ask us who did the fence work. If we need fence work done in the future, the Wright Fence Company is the first one we will call!