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What Are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are often a coin shape made from a certain kind of metal be it bronze, silver, gold, platinum or even a combination of these metals. Though we see coins as being round, such aren’t always like it as there are coins that have a triangular shape or shaped for the meaning that they’re projecting. Most of the time, these coins carry a logo and could have the emblem imprinted both on the front and back.

Members of the military are the ones who often receive these coins which have a certain slogan, date or name of the unit. If for example that they’re given as an award for a task that is too difficult or has completed a mission, this is commemorated too.

The very first challenge coins were given in the military and even though stories vary for each account, the basics appear to include a member of the military challenging other to produce the coin. This coin has originated to a branch of military, which is the United States Air Force or USAF. They are brought by those who have flown into enemy territories and seen as the bravest and most courageous men.

Because of this, the challenge coin is sometimes referred to as honor coin as well. They are being carried by members of the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guards and among others. These coins have made such a huge impact actually to the point that even civil servants have one. Such coins also have department where the person is enlisted but for a military coin, it has a division or a squadron emblem. These coins are also given to various members of organizations these days to acknowledge special occasions.

The members of Air Force acquire the coins after they have successfully completed their basic training. Now say that the officer training is chosen on graduation, there are new officers who’ll get the coin. And in keeping with the true meaning of these challenge coins, it’s believed that the rules of challenge must be kept only within military unit and for those who’ve been given the coin in the unit. Holders of these challenge coins are known to have higher morale than others.

There are rules that have to be followed when carrying the coins. Defacing the coin in any means is prohibited like for instance, boring a hole to attach the coin in a keychain or be worn as necklace automatically nullifies the coin and it isn’t considered as challenge coin. Different units are not allowing members to bring the coins in their wallet instead, a common way of carrying it is in the pouch, worn around the neck.

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