Our Fencing Top Features

Durable Material

We use materials that withstand the elements for many years after the installation process. Our materials have a 5 year warranty on them but last for 50+.

Quick Installation

Each job that we do has the turn around time of a true professional team working together for the fence of your choice. We can complete most jobs in under 4 days.

Amazing Deals

Seniors and military personal get an amazing discount of up to 30%, and you don't even need to ask. Our team will figure in your discount immediately no questions asked.

Many Designs

We have several designs to choose from, from wood to metal, vinyl to PVC. Our company can install any of these fences quickly and professionally.

Securely Built

Our fences are securely fashioned and built for protection and privacy. We make sure each fence has a good foundation and is connected precisely and professionally.

5 Year Warranty

The Wright Fence Company has a 5 year warranty on any of its fences, The fence will last for many more years then that rest assure.

Advanced Technologies

Machine drilled installations

Machine drilled and hand dug holes are how we install your fence. We use of advanced machinery and man power we develop the necessary features it takes to install you fence.

The holes our machine puts in the ground are exact and they are perfect in shape and size. They are the exact depth that each post needs to be and the circumference is precisely aligned with each pole. Thanks to this advanced technology you can be sure that each installation we do is without flaw. We do not always use this machine on every job.

Quality Materials and Precise Measurements

Our materials are quality and the stand up to the elements, we use differ manufacturers so the prices of materials varies however the standards are the same. We will not use low grade materials we only associate with the manufacturers that meet our quality standards.

Our measurements are precise and aligned perfectly with each installation that we do. Measured twice cut once is the process that we use. Each on of our professional installers has more then 10 years on the under their belt and pride themselves on their accuracy and honesty.

Team work, a core concept

We do use tools and machinery for the the brunt of the work, however each installation has a high experience team that assess calculations and accuracy with your install. Our professionals come together and build all types of fencing solutions for security and protection as well as to beautify your home.

Our Happy Customers