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The Wright Fence Company

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When the original fencing around our home started to show its age, we went to our homeowner's association to pursue our options. Even though we probably would have chosen a different look, the rules of our association required a new cedar fence installation. I called a neighbor of mine to find out who did his new wood fence, and he told me about the Wright Fence Company.

When I called one of the representatives, they gave me an appointment for the next day. The guy from Wright Fence showed up right on time and gave me an estimate within 15 minutes. While the price was slightly more from one of his competitors', when I asked him for some references, he gave them to me cheerfully. I called several of them, and they all raved about the quality of work that the Wright Fence Company did, so I decided to go with them for our cedar fence installation.

The work was done quickly and with high quality. They sank metal posts into cement, giving the cedar fence installation some extra durability. Our old fence had had wooden posts, which had suffered over time because of exposure to the elements. All of the panels were put up evenly, and the fence has not undergone any shifting since the job was done almost a year ago. I have recommended Wright Fence to several of my neighbors. Their service and quality were top notch!